Rezum Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

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The Rezum treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a transurethral RF thermal therapy completed in a single visit to a clinic or outpatient setting. Using the natural energy stored in water vapor, the minimally invasive procedure is effective in relieving the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. A hand-held device is used to deliver very small amounts of steam directly to the extra prostate tissue, damaging the cells of the extra tissue causing obstruction. The water vapor therapy reduces the overall size of the prostate and relieves symptoms of BPH.

How does Rezum therapy work?

During the procedure, the urologist uses a hand-held device that passes through the urethra and reaches the prostate to deliver radiofrequency generated thermal energy in the form of water vapor to the extra prostate tissue. Once delivered into the prostate, the steam rushes around the overgrown prostate cells and then transforms into water. The heat from the water vapor breaks down cell walls, stops cells from functioning and shrinks the tissue. Unlike cutting the tissue in other therapies, Rezum leaves the tissue architecture intact but only thins the tissue to relieve the obstruction caused by extra tissue. Over time, the body will absorb the treated tissue as natural healing occurs, allowing the symptoms to disappear.

What happens after Rezum therapy?

Rezum treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia. It is performed in less than an hour and the patient returns home immediately. Most men are able to drive themselves home after treatment and are able to return to routine activities after a few days. After treatment, BPH symptoms will improve in as little as 2 weeks.

Is Rezum therapy safe?

Rezum is a unique therapy for BPH that has been studied and proven safe and effective. It was approved by the FDA in late 2015 after extensive clinical trials to evaluate its safety and efficacy provided impressive results. The procedure helps to relieve BPH symptoms such as a weak urine stream, inability to empty your bladder completely, starts and stops during urination, leaking and dribbling after urination, sudden urges to urinate and trouble starting the flow of urine. It also offers benefits such as being performed in-office on the same day without general anesthesia, relief of noticeable symptoms in two weeks and preservation of urinary and erectile functions. After the Rezum procedure, you will be happy with your continence.

Is Rezum right for you?

To know whether Rezum is right for you, visit your doctor to discuss the procedure. The doctor will perform a few tests to determine whether the procedure is appropriate for you. At Advanced Urology Institute, we offer quality Rezum treatment to our clients. We have a skilled and experienced pool of physicians who have performed several successful Rezum treatments. In fact, Advanced Urology Institute is currently one of the few sites in the country that is equipped to treat BPH using Rezum. For more information, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute” site.


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