A Tradition of Excellence

The physicians of Advanced Urology Institute are not only recognized locally for their medical expertise, but have held key positions in the urological community at both the state and national level. Leadership is not only a core value of our practice, but an honor met with dedication, integrity and commitment, representing and serving all members in the profession of Urology.

Our partners include two past-Presidents of the Florida Urological Society (Martin K. Dineen, M.D.) ; (Michael S. Grable, M.D.); Current President of the Florida Urological Society (Terrence C. Regan, M.D.); past Presidents of the Southeastern Section of the American Urological Association (Martin K. Dineen, M.D.); a member to the Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee for the State of Florida (Terrence C. Regan, M. D.); and a leading member and past chairman of various committees of the American Urologic Association (Jeffrey A. Dann).

While we take pride in the accomplishments of our past, we never lose focus toward the challenges of our future. Through innovation and collaboration, our practice continues to be recognized for providing leading-edge urology and patient-centered care.