Becoming a doctor requires a great deal of dedication and determination. Many choose this profession because, beginning at a young age, they feel a strong desire to help people. This desire becomes a commitment to put in the long hours and hard work needed to get through the tests, studying, papers and internships during medical school.

Dr. John PearsonThe result of their commitment is the dedicated professionals who are there for us when we need medical attention, including urologists who care for patients with medical problems that may be difficult to discuss. Urology covers a variety of conditions such as urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, vaginal prolapse and kidney stones to pelvic surgery.

One urologist who enjoys helping patients is Dr. John Pearson. After becoming sick as a child, Dr. Pearson had the chance to meet some terrific doctors who had a profound impact on his life. From an early age, Dr. Pearson knew he wanted to become a doctor and do the same for others. Now he gets to live that dream every day with his own medical practice treating patients with a wide range of serious and sometimes life-altering conditions.

Practicing urology has also allowed Dr. Pearson to live in different parts of the country. From his beginnings in southern Illinois to busy San Francisco, from cold and rural parts of Washington state to the warm weather of Florida, Dr. Pearson has seen patients from all walks of life. It has been especially rewarding for him to meet so many people while fulfilling his promise to serve others.

At the Advanced Urology Institute, Dr. John Pearson gets to make a positive difference in his patients’ lives every day, just like the doctors who inspired him. For a consultation about your urological needs, make an appointment with Dr. Pearson or one of the many highly qualified physicians at the Advanced Urology Institute.

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