Dr Evan Fynes Being a Urologist, Why I Chose UrologyDr. Evan Fynes is a practicing urologist at Florida’s Advanced Urology Institute. The Advanced Urology Institute provides patient centered care with innovative and personalized treatments. For Dr Fynes, caring for his patients is one of the greatest joys of being a urologist. In fact, one of his favorite aspects of a urological practice is that it provides extensive patient interaction. As he says, “When I initially talk to a patient, they will [for example] walk in with a Pittsburgh Steelers hat and the first few minutes of my conversation is talking about football. I really enjoy getting to know somebody, developing a relationship, and then trying to help them with their medical problem.” After establishing a strong, friendly patient-doctor rapport, Dr Fynes is able to be more effective in his work.

“When you get to help a patient with their problem, they are very satisfied and they are very grateful. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and reward that you have helped somebody,” he smiles.

Dr Fynes first took an interest in urology when he was just beginning his medical training. A close friend of his was in the middle of a urology residency and encouraged him to consider a career in urology for himself. Dr Fynes quickly became interested in the idea.

“I really like the diversity of the cases,” he says. “You’re doing something different every day, whether it is kidney stones, enlarged prostate, or surgically removing a kidney because of cancer.” After completing a six year residency at the University of Toledo, Dr Fynes started his practice at the Advanced Urology Institute, a place where patients can receive the most advanced and personalized urological care.

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