Urologist in Oxford, FL

About Dr. Taub

Dr. Taub attended Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and completed his residency in urology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After graduation, Dr. Taub moved to Ocala, where he has practiced for over 15 years. He has been Chief of Surgery and Chief of Medical Staff at Munroe Regional Medical Center. Dr. Taub’s practice focuses on robotic surgery, prostate and kidney stone surgery and female incontinence.

Dr Taub and staff are an excellent cadre of professional medical individuals. From reception and beyond, this group treats you very wall. Dr Taub is great as is the group who supports his efforts to help patients with their issues.

Harvey C. Taub, MD
AUI Patient
Mar 22, 2019

Today was my first visit to Dr. Taub and how glad I am that I followed the recommendation of a friend who is also his patient. The staff was terrific and was a prelude to a fantastic experience with Dr. Taub. He was engaging, comedic and professional for the entirety of my visit. His caring manner far and above exceeded my expectations. I am pleased to be his patient.

Harvey C. Taub, MD
Martin S.
Jan 31, 2017