About Dr. Dersch

Dr. Mark Dersch attended Indiana University School of Medicine and completed his urology residency at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He was born and raised in the Midwest but has been a resident of Ocala since 1994. His practice focuses on stone disease, BPH, and Bladder cancer.

Although I haven’t had much in the way of intimate contact recently, it would be a welcome improvement to see more male members to deal with patient’s male “members” when the occasion arises. I always enjoy my time with Dr Dersch

AUI Patient
Jul 25, 2019

My husband is currently going to Dr. Dersch for prostate cancer. It is unbelievable how thorough he is in discussing his care. He is understanding and so easy to talk to, and though we are just beginning this journey, I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Mark Dersch. I cannot speak highly enough of this doctor

AUI Patient
Dec 28, 2018

I had a bladder tumor resected that was encrusted with stones. Surgery on the 15th of August…one week ago. I came to in the Post op and asked the nurses if there was any stones…she looked at all my several bottles of urine and said “doesn’t look like it…clear…no blood. Then I found out Dr. Dersh told my twin brother that it was a stone encrusted tumor. One week later I feel like a new man. I cant say it was easy going for me…but IMHO I think Dr Dersh is one of the Best Urologists.

David L.
Aug 22, 2016