Urologist in Oxford, FL

About Dr. Karavadia

Dr. Karavadia has recently begun his practice with Advanced Urology Institute. After his graduation from medical school at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Karavadia completed his residency with University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, where he served as chief resident.

He is an active urologist working at our offices in Ocala and Oxford, FL.

The most important thing about Dr. Karavadia is that he listens to his patients and then gives medical advice that is comprehensive and thorough. He practices under the most modern techniques and does not utilize outdated methods to mitigate your condition, as some other Urologists do. I find him to be easy to converse with and I believe he truly takes his patient’s well being with utmost care.

Saumil Karavadia, MD
Davison H.
Dec 03, 2017

Dr. Karavadia is very professional he is a great doctor very caring and SMART he is not a snob but down to earth with his patients. He explains the procedures and doesn’t give you the bums rush out of the room . He sees you before surgery explains thing to you again. He makes you feel like your just not a number but a person. He has a sense of humor just a great MD!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a different urologist and the comparison was a cactus to a orchid. What a difference Dr. K made in my life.

Saumil Karavadia, MD
Robert L.
Mar 16, 2017