Female Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are an integral part of urological care. As NPs, we diagnose and manage chronic and acute urologic conditions, request and interpret diagnostic tests, perform a selected number of procedures, provide patient counseling, prescribe pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments, and help patient adhere to treatment. Armed with urology specific knowledge and with particular know-how in diagnosing and managing urologic conditions, we are always available in the urology office to deliver timely and effective care for patients, especially when doctors are away conducting emergency operations.

Handling a typical patient

Donna Irving, ARNP of Advanced Urology InstituteAt Advanced Urology Institute, all NPs have laptops. As a nurse practitioner, you go into the consultation room with your laptop, sit next to the patient and, using your laptop, you begin your discussion with the patient. For instance, if you have the patient’s lab results, you show him on your laptop, asking him questions about the results to make sure he understands what they mean for him and informing him of the treatment options available for his condition. If this is a first-time visit with the patient, you may ask him questions about why he is visiting and what sort of help he is seeking.

We make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible throughout the consultation, diagnosis and treatment sessions. As we speak with our patients, we make sure they are able to see all the information we have gathered in our laptops about their conditions. And if we have to conduct any exams, we make sure to treat our patients with respect, never being critical of them in any way. For us as NPs in urology, the goal is always to establish meaningful relationships with our patients, particularly the male ones, which in turn allows us to deliver safe, efficient and excellent whole-person care.

Customized Care for Male Patients

Since a bigger proportion of patients in urology clinics are men, female nurse practitioners are mindful of this gender difference and try to turn it into a strength in their delivery of urologic care. For instance, while we recognize that a large number of male patients are more willing to speak to female NPs than male NPs about impotence and other urologic disorders — due to the fear of comparison with other men — we also understand that most male patients are embarrassed by their conditions and may find it difficult to speak openly about their problems. So we make sure that we express warmth, empathy, openness and interest in their problems in order to make them feel at ease and ready to discuss their issues.

Comfortable, compassionate care

As nurse practitioners, we communicate with patients in a compassionate, respectful and sensitive way, looking to build confidence and trust. For instance, we are open to asking patients about their comfort level, such as whether they are ready for a biopsy, can take the next step of having a MRI or still would like to continue with a series of PSA tests. And as we ask these questions, we break everything down for them so they understand the reasons and need for any such steps. In turn, this compassionate and cordial approach ensures every decision they make is well-informed and best for their treatment and recovery.

Making care decisions

Once we provide our patients with the information they need, we allow them to make decisions about what they think is best for them. Sometimes patients are not ready to make decisions and want us to make these decisions for them. But we turn it back on them, guiding and helping them as much as possible until they are comfortable enough to make the decisions.

For us, it is very important that patients are fully involved in the medical decision-making process so they undergo procedures and treatments they are comfortable with. We even share treatment plans with them, ask them what they think about the plans and eventually when they are ready to begin treatment.

At Advanced Urology Institute, working with male patients is something we enjoy and look forward to because of the results we have been able to achieve for our patients. And from the feedback we regularly get, we know we have managed to keep our patients happy and satisfied with our services. For more information, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute” site.

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