How Empathy Can Help Empower Patients

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Patients have a desire to be involved in the medical decision-making process with their doctors and healthcare professionals, and they have the right to be informed when choosing the best treatment options for their bodies.

Scott Francis, PAPhysician Assistant Scott Francis believes that keeping patients involved in all aspects of their medical care is important and valuable. It gives them some control at a time when their impaired health may make them feel powerless, while at the same time improving the doctor-patient relationship.

Scott Francis, P.A. knows this from personal experience. Several years ago he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle and was launched 50 feet through the air. For a while, he was unsure whether he would ever be able to hold a child or even walk again. Luckily, after a long rehabilitation, he recovered.

The experience has made it possible for him to better understand a patient’s perspective and to have greater empathy. When medical staff and patients interact in a more personally way, they increase the possibility of a successful outcome.

Laughter can be an essential part of that successful experience. Regardless of what the patient is going through, being able to laugh creates joy in the moment and a better quality of life. Humor helps make a patient feel more like a person and less like a number or another medical case, which in turn fosters better relationships and improved outcomes.

To Scott Francis, P.A. empathy, humor and building relationships are important aspects of quality health care. He is one among many medical professionals at the Advanced Institute of Urology working together to create better patient experiences. For more information, visit the Advanced Urology Institute website.

How Empathy Can Help Empower Patients

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