Becoming a Urologist with Dr. Nicole Eisenbrown

Urology is an incredibly wonderful and satisfying medical field. As a urologist, you get to solve embarrassing issues for both men and women, improving their quality of life. It is very satisfying when people come to you at their lowest moments and you listen to them, make them comfortable, conduct procedures to contain their conditions and see them relieved and smiling again. And the outcomes of procedures in urology are almost always positive, making it both a professionally and emotionally rewarding career.

Why Urology?

My call to study urology came when I was in Florida working as a pharmaceutical representative. One day as I was working with one of my physicians, who handled female patients, I was in his office when he revealed to one of his patients that she had lung cancer. It was a tough and agonizing moment for the patient as she experienced so many emotions all at once. But I watched the physician guide this patient through her fear and misery to the point of hope and optimism. And as the doctor helped the patient understand her diagnosis and made her smile again, I felt inspired to do the same for other people facing similar challenges.

Bold Decision

I was 26 years old, but impulsively felt moved to be a doctor and to help people overcome their misery. I soon realized that business goals could no longer adequately motivate me. So I did my research, sold my home and joined a medical school to accomplish this dream. I pursued my medical degree at the College of Medicine, University of Florida, moved to the Shands Hospital for my residency training program, and managed to achieve a double board certification in urology and in reconstructive surgery and female pelvic medicine. Eleven years later, I started to work as a qualified and certified urologist, with expertise in da Vinci robotic surgery, prolapse repair, general urology, adult urology, pelvic floor reconstruction, female sexual dysfunction, incontinence, stone disease and urologic cancers.

Amazing Work-Life Balance

Urology is a great field for those who want to engage in innovative surgical procedures without the hassles and pressures of other surgical specialties. As a urologist, you face fewer emergencies than those in fields such as neurosurgery, orthopedics and general surgery, enabling you to maintain regular work hours and enjoy a reasonable balance between your work and home life. Urologists are also generally happy people because most of the work they do brings positive outcomes. As a urologist, you restore genitourinary normalcy, reduce the suffering of patients and go home each day feeling satisfied with your work.

Working at Advanced Urology Institute

Working as a urologist at Advanced Urology Institute has enabled me to improve both as a person and a professional. With AUI’s centralized administration of services, innovative diagnostic and treatment techniques, wide pool of skilled and experienced doctors and a standardized patient-centered, compassionate and multidisciplinary approach to treatment, I have been able to have the right tools, resources and drive to deliver the best possible care to my patients. Urologists at AUI work with exceptional professionals and world-class equipment, making it easier to meet the individual needs of every patient and deliver the most satisfying experiences to all patients. For more information on safe and effective management of urologic disorders, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute’” site.


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