Christopher Sherman Becoming a Urologist

To help a patient overcome an agonizing and upsetting condition brings extraordinary joy. That is the special kind of joy that this profession brings. As a urologist, patients come to you when they are at their worst, trust you with secrets they probably share with no other and put their faith in your ability to find safe and effective solutions for their problems. So whether it is the embarrassing urine leaks, difficulty getting an erection or a devastating genitourinary cancer, you are placed in a position to fix the problem and put a smile on the face of a trusting patient. It is a unique position, but one that brings amazing fulfillment and satisfaction.

The Long Path

Right from childhood, I have had a knack for helping people rise above their limitations. As a native of Florida’s Coral Springs I was often surrounded by people with various medical conditions who had few physicians to attend to them. I made up my mind early that I would pursue medicine to be able to make an impact on these lives. I got my undergraduate degree in health science at the University of Florida, then moved to the College of Medicine, Florida State University, for my medical school degree. After that I took a one-year general surgery training followed by a four-year urology residency at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

Areas of Expertise

During my training, I became interested in medical technology and in advanced medical procedures. I not only honed my skills in minimally invasive techniques and robot-assisted surgery, but also mastered a number of specialized procedures such as laser surgery for BPH, Botox therapy for overactive bladder, interstim therapy for underactive and overactive bladder, and urethral slings for voiding dysfunction. Through my expertise as a urologist, I have been able to achieve my life’s dream of re-igniting the desire and joy to live in people facing their most uncomfortable, painful or lowest moments. As a urologist, I always feel a sense of peace and fulfillment after making a positive change in the life of a patient.

Job Satisfaction

As urologists, we work for long hours and often face stressful situations. But we take pride in our capacity to persevere and consistently deliver safe, timely and effective treatments. In fact, the challenges just help bring out the best in us and make our job even more interesting. We understand that to have the opportunity to help the sick is very rewarding. We also get to know our patients, win their trust and establish very close relationships. It is so satisfying to take care of patients and be able to make a difference in their lives.

Why Advanced Urology Institute

Every urologist yearns for a workplace that can bring out the best of their skills, talents and experiences and enable them to offer the best possible care. At Advanced Urology Institute, all administrative work has been centralized, allowing physicians to have enough time, tools and drive to collaborate, research, innovate and give the best possible care to their patients. AUI enables us to be in the company of other skilled, passionate, hard-working and creative people, making it easier for us to perform at our best and to take our careers to whatever heights we imagine. At AUI, urologists are living their dreams! For more information, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute” site.