Urological Health for Men

Mens HealthWhy do American men rank fifteenth in the world in longevity when the United States has one of the highest standards of living in the world; have a life expectancy seven years shorter than women; account for 80% of all suicides and 80% of serious drug addicts; suffer from alcoholism three times more often than women; and wind up in prison twenty-five times more often than women? The answer to these questions, according to Robert Ivker and Edward Zorensky, co-authors of the book Thriving: The Complete Mind/Body Guide for Optimal Health and Fitness for Men (NY: Crown Publishing, Inc., 1997), it’s because men don’t take care of themselves, neither physically, emotionally, nor spiritually. Fortunately, though, Thriving provides an antidote, information that men can use to prevent or reverse these dismal statistics.

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