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A partnership of highly qualified, board-certified urologists practicing in the state of Florida.

Exceptional care

Urological Care You Can Trust

Advancing patient-centered care is a mission at the heart of our practice. Through the centralization of administrative services, our physicians can focus on providing the highest quality of care from initial diagnosis to innovative treatment. Our staff is committed to providing you with a satisfying patient experience by addressing your individual needs throughout the course of your care. As Advanced Urology Institute, we continue to practice in the neighborhoods and communities that we have been serving for years. Our new partnership allows each of our Care Centers to broaden the scope of services and expertise that we can provide to you, the patient.

Our Office Locations


Easy Online Appointments

Making appointments is easy. Fill up our online contact form with your name and medical issue. You can also choose which of our numerous providers you want your appointment to be at.


Quality Patient Care

We make it our goal to treat our patients right with the compassion and care that they deserve. Our facilities provide the latest advancements in medical tech operated by our professional staff.


Urologic Oncology

At Advanced Urology Institute our providers offer skills and experience unmatched in the state of Florida for treatment of cancers affecting the urinary tract, bladder, kidneys, and male reproductive organs.

About Us

We Care For Your Health

Advanced Urology Institute is a professional corporation of medical doctors (M.D.’s) who are board-certified and qualified in the surgical sub-specialty of urology. Our specialists are situated all over Florida from Panama to the East Coast and all the way to Naples. Making appointments with your urologist will be a breeze.

Services Offered & Conditions We Treat


Stone Disease
The Perfect Doctor
The perfect doctor. Even phoned my home the day after my surgery. Wish all my doctors was this great.
July 6th, 2015
Can't Say Enough Good Things
Dr Dineen is a very over qualified urologist. You don’t need to leave town to find a good urologist there’s one right here in Daytona Beach. I am a 43-year-old female and there’s nothing more embarrassing than having to go to your first urology visit at such a young age but they make you feel so comfortable I can’t say enough good things about Dr Dineen and his staff.
August 21, 2015
I Am Very Grateful
This year 2016 is my 14 year since i had the prostate removed by Dr.Terrence Regan with no complications .I am very grateful and I ask the LORD to keep blessing him .Thank you Dr. Regan!
January 19, 2016