Robotic SurgeryAdvanced Urology Institute is proud to serve our patients with the lifesaving da Vinci System. This revolutionary robotic-assisted surgical tool allows us to heal patients with greater precision than ever before.

Robotic surgery provides considerable benefits over open surgery. Instead of the large incisions formerly needed to access the pelvic region, dime-sized incisions are used to introduce the da Vinci System’s instruments. This results in less pain, a lower risk of infection and better overall results.

Your surgeon performs the procedure from a nearby console, using precise master controls that function like forceps. The surgeon’s hand motions are then scaled and translated in real time into micro-movements, with unmatched dexterity and exactness. Throughout the procedure, the surgeon has enhanced visibility of the surgical site from da Vinci’s 3D high-definition camera.

The most common da Vinci prostate cancer surgery type is prostatectomy, and the system enables our surgical team to save many nerve fibers and blood vessels that might otherwise be lost when the prostate is removed. Patients also enjoy a more rapid return of urinary continence and sexual function after the procedure.

Our doctors at Inverness have successfully treated many patients using this sophisticated, FDA-approved surgical system. We look forward to discussing this and other treatment options that may be right for you.

da Vinci Surgical System

The da Vinci Surgical System is a surgical robot that does tiny incisions for precise, minimally invasive procedures. It is used in operations such as general laparoscopic surgery and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. Being a product of the latest technology, the da Vinci system allows surgeons better precision and control to better perform surgeries. The actual system consists of 3 parts:

Surgical Cart

The surgical cart is where the patient lies. It also holds the robotic arms of the da Vinci. The robotic arms handle the different EndoWrist® instruments and are designed to imitate the surgeon’s wrist and hand motion. Because of the robotic nature of the platform, the da Vinci is able to perform precise motions that usually cannot be done with regular surgeries. Complex procedures are made easier when handled by a da Vinci expert.

InSite Vision System

The 2nd cart provides a precise 3D view of the surgery for the operating surgeon. This view is made to enhance and enlarge what a doctor would see in an open surgery, allowing for greater accuracy than is possible with the naked eye. It provides high resolution, depth, precision and zooming capability.


The console is the location of the main controls, which the surgeon handles manually. The robotic arm mimics the surgeon’s own corresponding movement of wrist, hand and finger.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

  • Improved Dexterity
  • More Controlled Hand/Instrument Movements
  • Precision
  • Less trauma to the body
  • Complex surgeries are made easier
  • Faster patient recovery