Advanced Urology Institute is a partnership of the best board-certified urologists working in the state of Florida. From general urology to prostate cancer, we make your health our top priority.

Welcome to Advanced Urology Institute
A partnership of highly qualified, board certified Urologists practicing in the state of Florida.

Advancing patient-centered care is a mission that is at the heart of our practice. Through the centralization of administrative services, our physicians can focus on providing the highest quality of care from initial diagnosis to innovative treatment. Our staff is committed to providing you with a satisfying patient experience by addressing your individual needs throughout the course of your care. As Advanced Urology Institute, we continue to practice in the neighborhoods and communities that we have been serving for years. Our new partnership allows each of our Care Centers to broaden the scope of services and expertise that we can provide to you, the patient.

Partners & Affiliations

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Call Us: (888) 851-5414

Men's Health

Men over the age of 40 are susceptible to urological issues such as BPH, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. Learn more about this and how to regain a healthy lifestyle.

Women's Health

While most urological diseases target men, there are other issues that can cause significant damage to a woman’s lifestyle. Read about how to prevent them here.


We serve many different locations throughout North and Central Florida.
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Advanced Urology Institute is a professional corporation of medical doctors (M.D.’s) who are board-certified and qualified in the surgical sub-specialty of urology.
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We offer a variety of services throughout our network of offices.
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Before your appointment, you might need to bring along patient forms that we will need for your checkup.
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Patient Care News & Highlights

  • Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer TreatmentAdvanced Urology Institute News: Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer Treatment
    Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer Treatment
    Prostate cancer is cancer of the gland that produces seminal fluid for the nourishment of sperm. Some cases are slow developing and do not affect the patient significantly. These can be managed [...]
  • What Treatments Are Available For ED?Advanced Urology Institute News: What Treatments Are Available For ED?
    What Treatments Are Available For ED?
    Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. It is not incidental to aging, though in reality it occurs mostly in men over the age [...]
  • What are the advantages of the da Vinci surgical system?Advanced Urology Institute News: What are the advantages of the da Vinci surgical system?
    What are the advantages of the da Vinci surgical system?
    The da Vinci surgical system is an advanced and effective tool for performing minimally-invasive surgeries. It is a state-of-the-art tool that makes the most of the surgeon’s skill, expertise and [...]

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

    • Dr Desai is my urologist and I respect him very much-He’s an excellent doctor- and a credit to his profession.

      5 stars
      Jan 24th, 2016


      AUI Patient


    • Was very thorough with patient and answered all questions and also cleared up a lot of misunderstandings and confusion. He is great! Although the wait was lengthy. But the info we received was all worth it. Bed side manners are professional. Ihave no complaints.

      5 stars
      Oct 20th, 2015


      AUI Patient


    • I would send anybody to him..A great Dr knowledgeable with great bedside manner. Staff are awesome.

      5 stars
      Nov 1st, 2015


      AUI Patient: Steven H.

      Steven H.