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How Did Dr. Brian Hale Become a Urologist?


  • Dr. Brian Hale initially had an interest in sports medicine but found that he did not enjoy orthopedics.
  • His friend suggested that he look into urology, which he discovered he enjoyed after doing a rotation in the field.
  • Dr. Hale completed his residency in urology at Emory University and is now a board-certified urologist with the Advanced Urology Institute.

Dr. Brian D. Hale is a board-certified urologist in Tampa, FL, who is part of the Advanced Urology Institute. In this article, we will discuss how Dr. Hale became a urologist and the journey he took to get there.

Initial Interest in Sports Medicine

Dr. Hale’s initial interest in medicine was in sports medicine. He grew up studying sports and was very active. However, during his first two years of medical school, he realized that he did not enjoy orthopedics, which was the field he thought he would pursue.

Discovering Urology

Dr. Hale’s friend, who had matched in urology, suggested that he look into the field. Dr. Hale did not know much about urology at the time, but his friend recommended that he scrub in on some cases and see what he thought. Dr. Hale was impressed with the atmosphere in the operating room, where the doctors and nurses seemed to get along well and enjoy their work. He decided to do a rotation in urology and discovered that he really enjoyed the field.

Training in Urology

Dr. Hale did all of his medical training at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. After doing a urology rotation, he decided to pursue urology instead of general surgery. He completed his residency in urology at Emory University and then joined the faculty as an assistant professor. He practiced urology in Atlanta for several years before moving to Tampa, FL, to join the Advanced Urology Institute.

Advanced Urology Institute

Advanced Urology Institute is the largest urology practice in Florida, with multiple locations throughout the state, including Tampa. Their team of experienced urologists, including Dr. Brian Hale, is dedicated to providing high-quality care to their patients. If you are in need of urological care, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Advanced Urology Institute.


My name is Brian Hale, I’m a board certified urologist working with Advanced Urology Institute.

So I grew up in Atlanta and I did all of my medical training at Emory in Atlanta and initially I was going to do general surgery and then decided after doing a urology rotation that I liked urology.

The urologists seemed to be very happy, well-adjusted people and in Atlanta initially I wanted to do sports medicine and that was the reason why I went to medical school was sports medicine and then I realized I didn’t really like orthopedics that much, in particular the science behind orthopedics. I first studied sports growing up and I still do a lot of active things and so I think that’s what drew me to orthopedics initially but during the first two years of medical school I realized that I didn’t really like it that much. I actually went into the OR and watched orthopedic surgery and I did a lot of woodworking with my hands, even built a small boat when I was in high school. So it seemed like orthopedics was perfect for me but I didn’t really like it that much and then I was in general surgery and really liked general surgery, I liked operating.

I liked the more fine motor skills instead of the more coarse motor skills that orthopedics was using and so I was thinking general surgery and then actually a friend of mine I played tennis with, he was a year ahead of me, matched urology and then he said you know you really ought to look at urology and I didn’t know really what urology was because we didn’t have a whole lot of exposure to it in medical school but he had a friend that was operating at Crawford Long in downtown Atlanta and he said why don’t you go ahead and just scrub in on some cases and see what you think and I went in and was really impressed in the operating room. The guys were telling jokes, the nurses that seemed to get along with the doctors really well, a very different atmosphere than I had experienced in a lot of the general surgeries that I had watched and I thought well maybe I should look into this after all. So I did a rotation in urology and really liked it a lot.


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Advanced Urology Institute

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