My name is Brian Hale. I’m a board certified urologist working with Advanced Urology Institute.

So I grew up in Atlanta, and I did all of my medical training at Emory [University] in Atlanta. Initially I was going to do general surgery and then decided after doing a urology rotation that I liked urology, that urologists seem to be very happy, well-adjusted people.

In Atlanta, initially I wanted to do sports medicine and that was the reason I went to medical school, and then I realized I didn’t really like orthopedics that much and picture the science behind orthopedics.

I used to play sports growing up and I still do a lot of active things and so I think that’s what drew me to orthopedics initially but during the first two years of medical school I realized that I didn’t really like it that much. I actually went into the OR and watched orthopedic surgery, and I did a lot of woodwork with my hands and even built a small boat when I was in high school, so it seemed like orthopedics was perfect for me but I didn’t really like it that much and then I was in general surgery and really liked [it]. I liked operating [on] the more fine motor skills instead of the more coarse motor skills that orthopedics was using.

Becoming a Urologist with Dr. Brian Hale

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