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Can you still have an orgasm after vasectomy?

Rest assured, in virtually every case, you will have normal orgasms after a vasectomy. And you’ll also continue to ejaculate during those orgasms. 

A vasectomy is specifically surgically elected to stop sperm from being part of the ejaculate in order to prevent pregnancy. But in all other respects, it doesn’t change anything about sexual function.  It doesn’t stop you from ejaculating during sexual intercourse or masturbation. Neither does it stop you from achieving orgasms.

How does a vasectomy work?

The vasectomy procedure involves either cutting or blocking off two sperm-carrying tubes called the vas deferens that lead directly from the testicles. This procedure disrupts the flow of sperm to the penis during sexual activity preventing sperm cells from leaving the body. 

But having a vasectomy doesn’t stop your body from working normally. Your testicles will continue to produce sperm as usual. And your prostate gland and seminal vesicles will continue to produce semen. The only difference is that the sperm will no longer mix with the semen.

After a vasectomy, the sperm produced by the testicles doesn’t leave the body. Neither are the cells stored in your body. Instead, the sperm cells are broken down and reabsorbed by your body with no adverse effect on your sexual desire, erections, and performance.

Even without a vasectomy, sperm is usually produced and reabsorbed if they don’t leave the body during sexual intercourse or masturbation. So the process is normal and natural and has no effect on your sexual drive or performance.

No noticeable change in the ejaculate

Since your prostate gland and seminal vesicles will continue to produce the fluid that is predominant in your ejaculate, you’ll still have unaltered orgasms and unchanged ejaculations. The reason for this is that a typical ejaculate before a vasectomy is 95-99 percent semen and only 1-5 percent sperm. 

So when sperm is stopped from being part of the ejaculate, there is no significant reduction in the volume, quality or other characteristics of the ejaculate other than the absence of sperm.  You’ll still produce more or less the same quantity of fluid during orgasm with the same amount and texture of semen.

No effect on testosterone

A vasectomy has no effect on your ability to produce the male sex hormone testosterone. Once testosterone is produced in your testicles the hormone is transported through your body via the bloodstream. Since a vasectomy doesn’t change the flow of blood from your testicles to the rest of the body it won’t affect your testosterone levels.

So the good news is that a vasectomy will not affect your sexual performance. Sex will be the same as before but without the risk of making your partner pregnant. 

After a vasectomy, your sex drive and ability remains intact and there is no change in your erections or on the feeling and sensation you have during ejaculation. In fact, neither you nor your partner will notice a change in the ejaculate and in the orgasms.

No effect on muscle contractions

Orgasms are usually associated with a series of intense muscle contractions. Since a vasectomy does not interfere with the pelvic and sphincter muscles that contract during orgasm, you’ll still reach powerful and pleasurable orgasms. Plus, the procedure doesn’t interfere with the nerve impulses received from the penis.

Safe and secure vasectomy

Are you looking for a safe and permanent form of contraception? At Advanced Urology Institute, we offer vasectomies for men interested in the highest and most reliable form of birth control. 

All vasectomies are completed on an outpatient basis with the procedure taking 20-30 minutes. Afterward, expect to go home and rest for about 48 hours, then engage in lighter activities for the next 7 days followed by going back to your routine after a week.

We are proud that our vasectomy procedure:

  1. Is 99.99 percent effective in helping you prevent pregnancy
  2. Has no long-term effects on your health
  3. Does not affect your hormone levels, sex drive, erections, ejaculations, and orgasms
  4. Does not interfere with sex or the spontaneity of sex
  5. Gives you a simpler, safer and more reliable alternative to female sterilization

We also provide vasectomy reversals. 

For more information on vasectomy and vasectomy reversals, visit the site “Advanced Urology Institute.”

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