CryotherapyAnother minimally invasive procedure available from Advanced Urology Institute is cryotherapy. This treatment technique destroys cancer cells by exposing them to extreme cold.

Cryotherapy (also called cryoablation) does not require an incision. Instead, the elemental gas argon is directly administered with cryoneedles to freeze the targeted cancer cells. Then, helium is introduced to rapidly thaw the tissue. The formation of ice crystals, cell dehydration, restricted blood flow and pH shifts are all effects of cryotherapy that help kill cancer cells. Plus, the procedure stimulates the production of the body’s own tumor-fighting antibodies.

Dr. Richard Roach of Urology InstituteTreatment with cryotherapy is very effective for patients with localized, early-stage prostate cancer, or as a second procedure when prostate cancer has resisted other care. It is also valuable as a minimally invasive procedure for patients who are not good candidates for surgery or radiation therapy.

As with all of our forms of urinary cancer care, we recommend cryotherapy only after extensive consultation between our patient and medical team.