Causes of Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)It is not surprising that so many men feel anxious about seeing a urologist for help with the problem of erectile dysfunction. No one wants to discuss a sensitive personal matter with a stranger. But as uncomfortable as this may be at first, the risk of discomfort is well worth the reward of a more satisfying relationship with your partner. When you meet the professional and highly trained surgeons and staff at Advanced Urology Institute, they will put those anxieties and concerns to rest by making your health and comfort their highest priority. One of the ways they do this is by listening and providing you with the answers to any questions that might be weighing heavily on your mind.

The most common question patients have is regarding the cause of erectile dysfunction. This is often the first thing they want to know. However, impotence is not usually the result of a single cause. It is important that patients feel comfortable talking openly with the urologist about their condition so that the underlying cause of the impotence can be uncovered. This is where finding a solution begins, and how the treatment approach is determined.

Some of the causes of impotence include high blood pressure, pelvic injury, low testosterone levels, prostatectomy, and diabetes. Erections depend on the system of nerves and blood vessels found within the penis. Any damage or condition involving this system can result in erectile dysfunction.

There is usually no need to visit a hospital to treat erectile dysfunction, as many of the procedures can be performed in the urologist’s office or clinic. Although the thought of seeking medical help for impotence can be intimidating at first, the staff and doctors at Advanced Urology Institute are experts in compassionate care and making patients feel comfortable talking about their condition so that they can receive the best medical treatment available.