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Our team of urologists from Advanced Urology Institute – Fort Myers Office in Florida specializes in prostate cancer treatment, general urology and other urology conditions.
6811 Palisades Park, Suite 1
Fort Myers, FL 33912

A Tradition of Excellence

The physicians of Advanced Urology Institute are not only recognized locally for their medical expertise, but have held key positions in the urological community at both the state and national level. Leadership is not only a core value of our practice, but an honor met with dedication, integrity and commitment, representing and serving all members in the profession of Urology.

While we take pride in the accomplishments of our past, we never lose focus toward the challenges of our future. Through innovation and collaboration, our practice continues to be recognized for providing leading-edge urology and patient-centered care.


With technological advancements creating dramatic changes in medicine today, patients deserve the most modern care available. We are careful to combine the traditional values of personalized medical attention with current options in mind. Respect, understanding and care are the hallmarks of our practice.

Health care decisions can be complex. In order to understand and decide among treatment options, you need a clear and accurate assessment of your condition. Advanced Urology Institute believes in open communication and education regarding your health issues. Your physical and emotional comfort is of paramount importance to us. We welcome and encourage your input into your healthcare.

We are happy to provide you with appointment resources to better process your paperwork and prepare you for your visit to our facility.

To make an appointment you can contact us directly (239) 900-1831.

For emergency, please call 911.

Advanced Urology Institute:
Phone: (239) 9001831
Fax: (239) 533-5179 Advanced Urology Institute – Fort Myers Office
6811 Palisades Park, Suite 1
Fort Myers, Florida 33912 USA

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Patient Reviews and Testimonials

  • If you have any urology issues, I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Harris. He is friendly, compassionate and very very thorough. As a bladder cancer survivor, I feel he has saved my life, and he has kept a very close eye on me. I am grateful for him and his very good care.

    5 stars
    August 15th, 2018


    AUI Patient: Pam Considine

    Pam Considine

  • Dr. Harris is wonderful. He’s easy to talk to and is straight up about his prognosis. My diagnosis was not as pleasant as I had hoped, however his prevention plan has made the transition easier. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a Urologist.

    5 stars
    August 17th, 2018


    AUI Patient: Ralph Hernandez

    Ralph Hernandez

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Harris for three years as a prostrate cancer survivor. I have found him and his staff to be very attentive, courteous, and professional. He has attempted, and succeeded, to work with my specific, and somewhat unique, needs and schedule. He answers my questions and explains in clear terms what options are available. I would recommend Dr. Harris without hesitation.

    5 stars
    August 3rd, 2018


    AUI Patient: Kelly