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How Do You Treat Kidney Stones

My name is Bill Vanasupa and I am a board-certified urologist at Advanced Urology Institute in St. Augustine Florida.

Kidney Stones it just depends on the degree of the pain the size of stone if there’s any infection symptoms. So let’s say a patient has a four or five millimeter stone, pain is tolerable with medications, four to five millimeters – you know have a 70 to 90 percent chance of passing on its own. And we always want our patients to pass their stone so as not to have surgery and so in that case I say well let’s wait and see come back another week see how you feel. In the meantime monitor for any infection, make sure you can tolerate the pain.

And make sure you eat and drink anything cuz some, along with the kidney stone pain you got severe nausea and vomiting or can have severe nausea and vomiting. And so if the patient have severe nausea and vomiting or pain that they can’t control we’ll go straight to surgery.

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