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Raj Ayyathurai, MD

Board Certified Urologist


The last 6 months have been office visits, tests and finally surgery. Each visit was timely and professional. The office staff is on top of every detail. Each person was patient, kind and happy....from the front desk to the assistants in the exam room! My wife and I were impressed and very happy with the treatment we received and give high praises. Same with Dr Raj. He is patient, personable and highly intelligent. We never felt rushed. He WANTS to answer every question and does! Out of FIVE stars, we give Dr Raj and his staff TEN!

March 26, 2022

Dr. Ayyathurai was my doctor when he was in Georgia. He diagnosed my recurring boughts with Sepsis to a huge 12 CM...not MM kidney stone. He immediately saw the problem and thankfully got rid of the thing without any incisions. He is a wonderful, caring doctor and I'd still be his patient had he not moved away. I thank him for finding and clearing my health issue. I'll always be thankful and hold him in my highest esteem.

September 30, 2021

Large kidney mass, Renal Cell Carcinoma. Dr. Raj (as he is known by his patients) was absolutely wonderful. Eight days ago I had two kidneys - today I have one. Eight days ago I had cancer - today indications are that I have none! I'll take that and do my due diligence to ensure it stays that way. Thank you Dr. Raj. I was blessed to have been referred your way!

September 4, 2018