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Oxford Leesburg Office

Oxford Leesburg Office

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Richard Roach, MD

Board Certified Urologist

Andrew Sher, MD

Board Certified Urologist


Dr. King and his staff are the best. My father used him years ago ( now passed away..nothing related to condition treated by Dr. King) . Shortly thereafter.. I needed some help and he was really nice and very calm and knowledgeable. He makes patient feel very comfortable. Now .. 6 years later I was referred to a urologist for a recurring problem. I am probably about halfway through what I need to do.. but I have great confidence in Dr. king. He and his staff are very warm and kind to patients.

June 26, 2017

Dr. Mark Dersch is a wonderful urologist and an excellent surgeon. He was able to remove several kidney stones, including one rather large one, while I was under anesthesia. The surgery only left a small scar on the right side of my back. He sent me home with enough medication to get me through the healing process with very little pain. I trust Dr. Dersch completely and I know he has my best interest at heart. He is a very kind and understanding doctor. I highly recommend him.

September 20, 2017

Today was my first visit to Dr. Taub and how glad I am that I followed the recommendation of a friend who is also his patient. The staff was terrific and was a prelude to a fantastic experience with Dr. Taub. He was engaging, comedic and professional for the entirety of my visit. His caring manner far and above exceeded my expectations. I am pleased to be his patient.

January 31, 2017