Dr. Amar Raval of Palm Harbor, FLMy name is Amar J. Raval and I’m with Advanced Urology Institute.

There’s plenty of patients who have low testosterone and want to know the treatment options for that. They have fatigue, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy and those can plague them in their daily lives. So generally, now with the new screening guidelines with the AUA, we check certain labs, we need to show they have low t in subsequent labs. We also check certain hormones that may affect that, and those that are in need or can benefit from therapy, there are gels as well as injectable testosterone that can be given to help them in that setting.

I think it dramatically affects their lives: their sexual lives, their energy, their being more productive throughout the day, can affect relationships and even their self esteem. All of these are huge factors for them.

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Low Testosterone Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment – Dr. Amar Raval

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