What are the Main Reasons for ImpotenceErectile dysfunction is a condition that can make those who suffer from it also experience embarrassment and have a negative impact on their personal lives. It is not only the men who suffer when they are impotent, but also their mates. Many relationships are full of tension because of this frustrating condition. Finding a solutions starts with understanding the source of the problem. To learn more about the main reasons impotence happens, continue reading.

Psychological Sources of Impotence

It is normal, and often wise, for a man suffering from impotence to be concerned about his health. However, with the additional guilt and relationship tensions he experiences, the worrying may only serve to make things worse. This is because erectile dysfunction does not always have a medical condition as its source. Instead, the problem can be a result of fatigue, stress, and tension, or more serious psychological issues such as depression. Many cases of impotence can be easily resolved with rest or stress reliving activities. However, lengthy cases may require the assistance of a professional for recovery.

Impotence Due to Physical Conditions

Impotence could be an indicator of a more serious underlying medical condition that threatens the man’s well being. In some instances, the occurrence of erectile dysfunction allowed patients to be diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses early enough to treat them. Major illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney disease, conditions of the nervous system, vascular disease, and prostate cancer can all be the cause of impotence. When the cause of impotence is a serious medical condition, ed treatments are not limited to addressing the impotence, but also the disease it helped to diagnose.

For those who suspect their impotence is due to a major illness, there is a lot of help available. Consult a medical expert as soon as possible, such as the physicians available at Advanced Urology Institute.