Atlantic Urological Associates

Atlantic Urological AssociatesThe physicians of Atlantic Urological Associates are recognized locally for their medical expertise and hold key positions in the urological community at both the state and national level. Leadership is a core value of our practice and an honor met with dedication, integrity and commitment, representing and serving all members in the field of Urology.

While we take pride in the accomplishments of our past, we keep our focus on the present needs of our patients and the challenges of the future. Through innovation and collaboration, our practice continues to be recognized for providing leading-edge urological services and patient-centered care.

Panama City Urological Center

Panama City Urological CenterWe provide the best urological care possible in a cost effective manner and in an environment where patients feel respected and well cared for.

Panama City Urological Center recognizes the value of every person. We are committed to excellent care. Our goal is to:

  • Provide exemplary care for each of our patients and their families.
  • Foster a culture of discovery in all of our activities and support the use of personalized best practices in medicine.
  • Strengthen our relationships with other medical professionals, hospitals and our community.

The commitment of our physicians, staff and community partners to our mission helps maintain a high quality practice and a tradition of caring. These are the hallmarks of Panama City Urological Center.

Southeastern Urological Center

Southeastern Urological CenterSoutheastern Urological is a unique facility designed to provide our patients with the most comprehensive urological health care in Tallahassee and the surrounding counties. Our team of urologists is dedicated to providing the best care possible to patients of any age, male or female. We have been serving Leon County and neighboring county residents for over 40 years.

Our clinic is staffed by highly qualified, experienced, well-educated personnel who are committed to quality patient care and offer personal assistance to specific needs. In a seemingly impersonal computerized era, human skill and a caring spirit are still the basis of good medical care — we offer both.

Advanced Urology Institute

Advanced Urology InstituteWe believe that medical care is best delivered by an independent physician who is chosen by the patient.

  • When the physician can practice according the needs of the patient, good (not profit driven) medicine results.
  • When the patient is forced to see a physician with whom he or she is uncomfortable, problems arise.
  • Expanding the scope of our services allows us to adapt to changes in medicine and deliver the care we feel our patients deserve.