Excellence in Patient-Centered Care


Advanced Urology Institute was formed in May 2014, joining four respected Urology practices within the state of Florida to create a single-specialty physician led organization in order to respond to the mounting changes in healthcare. Solo-practitioners and small groups cannot keep up with the increased governmental burdens and continue to stay focused on providing the highest level of care to their patients. We believe that by combining our efforts, geographically disparate Urology groups can function most efficiently and effectively to deliver the highest quality medical care to our patients. 


Our goal was to consolidate and centralize processes that would make the larger practice more efficient, while maximizing the benefits of being part of a large group and allowing the different practices to remain as autonomous as possible. It is a philosophy that continues today as different areas of the state have different needs and issues. Yet all share the core basic needs to provide quality urologic care to their patients. 


Our mission is: Advancing patient-centered urologic care


Our values are:


The vision for AUI is: Innovative growth through unification of like-minded Urology Partners                  

We believe that geography should not be a barrier to providing the highest quality of urologic care.  Through our cohesive business philosophy and strategic business model, we can broaden the scope of our services and expertise, giving patients access to state-of-the art technology and the most comprehensive treatment pathways available. 

Our values are: Safety, Collaboration, Patient-Centered EvidenceBased Care, Compassion Care and Communication.  


Our company believes in a strong, well-defined understanding of our cultureThe statement below explains how we approach each aspect of our company. 

We are a team of innovative healthcare professionals that provide compassionate, patient-centered urological care in a safe, collaborative environment.  

Our culture fosters a place where people feel empowered to make a difference. At AUI, we place trust, integrity, teamwork, and empathy at the heart of what we do.