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Talking With Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

Do you struggle to have an erection when you want it most? Does your penis fail to get stiff enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse? Or does it get rigid only for a short while and then lose rigidity leaving you humiliated and apprehensive? You don’t need to worry too much if you have experienced this only occasionally. After all, almost every man has failed to achieve or maintain a good, rigid erection at some point in his life, particularly when stressed, tired, anxious or drunk. But if you have had frequent, frustrating and distressing failures to have or maintain an erection, then you may have a problem and need some sensible and sympathetic advice from a urologist.

Why Talk To a Urologist

Erectile dysfunction is a tough experience, but discussing it is even tougher and more embarrassing. You are likely to feel hesitant or scared to talk about ED with a doctor. But even with all the awkwardness you may feel in trying to open up and speak honestly about your erection troubles, talking to a urologist is probably the best step you can possibly make. A urologist is used to dealing with ED, perhaps attending to more than a half dozen cases every week. Your case would be just a routine matter to the urologist. More importantly, your erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of a very serious medical problem. A timely chat with a urologist can enable early diagnosis and treatment of a life-threatening condition.

Honest Useful Conversation

When you visit a urologist, you will meet a listening and caring professional dedicated to helping men have normal sex lives. The doctor will help you to explore the symptoms from when you first noticed changes in your erections to any medications you might be taking that could be causing your problem, your lifestyle habits and the severity of your symptoms. During this chat, being brutally honest and open with the urologist will ensure that the cause of your problem is figured out quickly and accurately. The physician also will conduct a physical exam focused on the health of your heart, nervous system, blood vessels and genitals, followed by appropriate urine and blood tests. The doctor then will be in a position to know the cause of your erectile dysfunction and to recommend the right treatment for you.

Exploring Treatment Options

Urologists are skilled in treating underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, Peyronie’s disease or multiple sclerosis. In most cases, erectile dysfunction quickly resolves once the underlying cause is treated. Your urologist also may suggest lifestyle modifications such as reducing alcohol intake, losing some weight, stopping cigarette smoking and increasing physical activity to boost your recovery. But if these interventions do not work, the urologist may explore other treatment options, such as oral medications (like tadalafil, vardenafil or sildenafil), injectable medicines (like alprostadil), and vacuum pumps, and penile implants (bendable or inflatable). As a last resort, surgical repair (penile revascularization) of the veins or arteries of the penis may be considered.

No Longer a Secret

In the past, men didn’t have open and frank discussions about their erectile problems because sexual intercourse was often shrouded in mystery and secrecy. But with the availability of effective treatments for ED, that now seems imprudent. With the availability of innovative and highly effective treatments for erectile dysfunction, it is important to talk to your doctor about your problem and to know your options.

Are you having problems getting or maintaining an erection? Why not make a bold decision today to see a urologist? At Advanced Urology Institute, we offer cordial and compassionate consultations for men having erectile problems. Our skilled and experienced urologists will listen to you, do a thorough physical examination, run appropriate tests and diagnose your condition accurately. We have the necessary diagnostic tools to determine any kind of underlying medical conditions that may be causing your erectile dysfunction. Make an appointment now at AUI, have a candid chat with a urologist and have your problem fixed. For more information on the treatment of erectile dysfunction, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute” site.

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