My Name is Yaser Bassel, I’m a Board-Certified Urologist with Advanced Urology Institute.

A lot of people are a little timid or a little afraid to bring up that issue with their physician, but it is very common. And oftentimes we try and you know, talk to patients about trying to figure out an organic source of their ED and correcting them. I think for patients the main thing is that when they’re starting to deal with that, it is important for them to continue to follow with their primary care doctor to control their cardiovascular risk factors, their cholesterol, their blood pressure, their diabetes. And once that’s under control you can prevent the erectile dysfunction from worsening. The good news is of course with the advances of these medications there are easy ways to treat this issue. And oftentimes we’ll talk to patients about the medications that we have readily available to us, the different side-effects and the benefits of each of those medications. And that’s how we typically start the conversation and then see where the patient would like to go in, and we usually try medications as the first line of therapy.


Talking With Your Doctor about Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Yaser Bassel

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