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Thanksgiving is The Best Time To Get A Vasectomy

Considered the easiest and safest form of surgical sterilization, vasectomy is an outpatient procedure in which the tubes (vas deferens) that carry sperm from a man’s testicles to the urinary tract are cut to stop the release of sperm during sexual intercourse. During a vasectomy, a small cut made through the skin on the front surface of the scrotum is used to bring the vas deferens to the skin level, allowing the vas to be cut or cauterized (burned) before being tied or clipped off and then dropped back into the scrotum.

After a vasectomy, a man is encouraged to rest for a few days. During the first 24 hours after the procedure, it is recommended that he apply an ice pack on the scrotum or use a package of frozen peas to reduce discomfort. The ice pack should be wrapped in a towel and should not be placed directly on the skin. Recovery takes a few days and the man can resume routine work within 3 days, but should avoid exercise and heavy lifting for at least one week.

Choosing to undergo a vasectomy is a big step in your life, and like most big life decisions, the timing of the procedure is critical. In fact, while the procedure is typically an outpatient routine, the recovery period requires ample rest, which makes it important to carefully choose the time to have the procedure. Even for a really tough guy who would like to go back to work soon after a vasectomy like it is no big deal, recovery still means a few days of soreness and discomfort which need to be properly timed to minimize inconvenience as much as possible.
So when is the best time to have a vasectomy?

1) March Madness

For sports fans, March offers lots of good entertaining TV watching, particularly during the first weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. It is also a perfect time to schedule the procedure because it allows you to rest on your couch and enjoy the games on TV while your body recovers from the operation. In fact, many urologists across the United States have reported that there is a massive increase in the number of vasectomies scheduled in the period leading to the NCAA tournament (as many as 50 percent more procedures during this season than at any other time of the year). So if you are thinking about having a vasectomy, the Thursday and Friday of the first weekend of the NCAA tournament is a good time to undergo the procedure and then kick back for the entire weekend with your ice pack and great games involving your favorite players and teams.

2) A Four-day Weekend

Due to the down time involved in recovering from a vasectomy, a four-day weekend is ideal for the procedure. In this case, you can take a Friday off from work if there is a holiday the following Monday, such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. The time is adequate for you to relax and enjoy quiet activities as you recover from the operation. Scheduling the procedure on a Thursday or Friday also will reduce the amount of time you will miss from work.

3) Thanksgiving Weekend

After a vasectomy, it is recommended that you get enough rest and avoid activities that may require exertion. There is no better time of the year that you can find complete rest from exertion than during the Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving weekend provides four days for you to enjoy delicious food, watch football, spend time with family members and engage in other activities that you desire. So you can schedule your operation just before the big day’s feast in order to have enough time to recover. Of course, you should avoid traveling over that weekend and stay away from the traditional annual touch football family game.

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