My Name is Yaser Bassel, I’m a Board-Certified Urologist with Advanced Urology Institute

Low testosterone at this point has come to the forefront a lot of times because of the advertising done by manufacturers of Testosterone. But for men the main reason for replacing testosterone is not necessarily to correct the number on a lab test but to correct symptoms. Mainly of low libido or mainly of fatigue, sometimes loss of lean body mass. All of those things can be corrected by fixing someone’s Testosterone, replacing their testosterone. And we can do that with topical agents that are applied to the skin, injections that are injected intramuscularly or sometimes pellets that can be implanted every 4-6 months. I will say for a lot of men, it can be life changing. You can change not only how they feel about themselves and their energy level and their libido but also their relationship with their partner, their wives and even the rest of their family for that matter.

Treating Low Testosterone with Dr. Yaser Bassel

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