Treatment and Care for Kidney StonesKidney stones are known for being terribly painful. As a condition that affects approximately 10 percent of the U.S. population at least once in their lifetime, it is important to know how to treat this painful problem. While many people attempt to treat kidney stones using home remedies, it is best to seek the assistance of a medical professional right away. This is what most people eventually do anyway when they discover that the intense pain simply won’t quit. Read on to learn how to properly care for kidney stones and what treatment options are available.

First Aid for Kidney Stone Pain

Though kidney stones are best treated by a professional urologist, it is not always possible to see the doctor immediately when the pain becomes acute. Home treatment for kidney stones usually consists of using an over-the-counter medication, such ibuprofen or aspirin, to relieve the pain. Anyone suffering this condition should drink plenty of water. They should drink enough to keep their urine either clear or a light yellow color. Applying heat to the painful area, such as with a heating pad, can also prove helpful.

Treatment Options for Kidney Stones

There is more than one treatment for kidney stones. The approach used depends on the size and location of the stones. There are various types of prescription medication available that can help patients prevent kidney stones, but surgery is often required for their removal.

There are three types of surgery for kidney stone removal. They include shockwave lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and laser lithotripsy. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is the procedure used when the stone is very large and complex, or when there are several smaller kidney stones. The least invasive is shockwave lithotripsy, which uses sound waves to break up the stones so they can pass normally.

Having kidney stones can be a painful experience, but choosing the right urologist can ensure that the treatment and care provided is the most effective. Contact Advanced Urology Institute for more information.