Visiting a Urologist, What Are the Reasons Men Go - Dr Stephen WeissAt age 40, most men worry about hair loss or a bulging waistline, but fewer pay attention to the health risks that come with age. A majority of male urinary and sexual problems are seen in men over a certain age, and the number of prostate cancer cases is rising worldwide at an alarming rate. This is why every man over 40 should monitor his health with the help of a physician specializing in urology. Fortunately, with early detection the recovery rate is high for all of these potentially serious problems.

Dr. Stephen Weiss, MD of the Advanced Urology Institute says that every day men in their 50’s come to the clinic when their urine flow has become weaker or when they need to wake up at night more frequently. Some also experience weaker erections or painful urination. The clinic staff conducts tests on these patients which include checking for blood in the urine and monitoring PSA (Prostate Specific Antigens) levels. If the PSA level is 1.0 or above, the subject is at a higher risk of prostate cancer and would need more frequent screening.

Benign conditions such as erectile dysfunction are common for men aged 40 to 50 and above. A urologist checks a patient’s hormone levels and may prescribe testosterone boosters for an active sex life. After a certain age, the prostate gland is more likely to enlarge making urination difficult or painful. In most cases, this condition can be treated with medications, but in rare scenarios, a minimally invasive surgery may be needed to partially remove the enlarged prostate. Blood in urine (hematuria) may be an indication of a serious bladder or kidney problem. In addition to urine tests and a CT scan, a urologist may perform a cystoscopy to examine the bladder.

Any testicular pain that does not subside within a week requires immediate attention. An appointment should be made with a urologist to conduct the necessary tests to rule out the possibility of testicular cancer.

The friendly staff and board-certified urologists at the Advanced Urology Institute provide the best possible treatment and care using the most advanced procedures.