What is Testosterone?The production of this hormone is triggered at the onset of puberty when the body is starting to develop into maturity.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone belonging in the androgen group (males) that is primarily secreted in the testicles. Testosterone is considered to be the primary sex hormone for the male species. However, it is also present in female ovaries. An anabolic steroid, it bulks up body tissues and allows the retention of the body’s protein.

Functions of Testosterone

This hormone is responsible for the strengthening of muscle, bone growth, and the development of a man’s deeper voice. Its other important functions are the maintenance of reproductive tissues, stimulation of sperm production and sexual function, and the regulation of red blood cell production. With these benefits, it is also used in treating a number of health conditions. One popular use of this hormone is in testosterone steroids used to bulk up the muscles in the body, as practiced by athletes and body builders.

Benefits of Having Normal Levels of Testosterone

What is Testosterone?Having proper levels of testosterone may also lead to other noticeable benefits. Studies show that a man who has low testosterone levels will more likely feel tiredness and weariness. While on the other hand, someone who has normal levels of this hormone will have more energy. It also improves sleeping patterns which, as a result, increase energy levels. But perhaps the greatest contribution of these hormones is their contribution to the overall emotional well-being of a person. With a normal level, a person will have drive, which will make him feel more ambitious in his endeavors. At the same time, it stimulates the amygdala part of the brain, which is known to trigger aggression. With the right testosterone level, this part of the brain is in balance.

Low Levels of Testosterone

Low levels of testosterone can lead to less than optimal health. Fortunately, treatments for this condition are simple and highly available, but early diagnosis and treatment are essential. Before taking any action, seek medical advice. Talk to your urologist regarding your condition and he will tell you the treatments or procedures to be done and the necessary steps to be taken afterwards. With their training and experience, the urologists at Advanced Urology Institute can get your testosterone and energy level back normal.