Why UrologyWhen it comes to making career choices, it is always best to follow your heart rather than pursuing something solely for monetary benefits. The same rule applies to the medical field as well. The physicians and other medical personnel who are passionate about their careers are more likely to provide excellent care to their patients. In most cases, a patient suffering from a chronic illness may need to be treated for a prolonged duration which can take a toll on his body. Under such circumstances, a little compassion and personalized care from the medical staff makes a world of difference to him.

Chelsie Ferrell, a physician assistant at the Advanced Urology Institute says that early in medical school, she found that she’s interested in the surgical sub-specialty of medicine. She adds that back then she was open to many branches of surgery, including general surgery, plastic surgery, and urologic surgery. Soon after she got her license, she interviewed only for surgical positions and started working for the Advanced Urology Institute. Today, she feels glad to have followed her passion and claims that her job as a physician assistant to the surgeons at Advanced Urology Clinic has been very fulfilling.

Advanced Urology Institute has some of the finest board-certified urologists in the state of Florida. From easily-curable problems to chronic diseases, their team of elite physicians’re highly experienced in treating a wide range of urologic problems. All their doctors are M.Ds, qualified in urologic surgery. Their staff is totally committed to providing a satisfying experience to the patients by addressing their individual needs in every phase of treatment. Thanks to their multiple locations throughout North and Central Florida, they are able to serve a large number of patients. Some of the common problems they treat include kidney problems, testicle disorders, erectile dysfunction, bladder issues, infertility, vasectomy and urinary incontinence. For further information, please visit https://www.advancedurologyinstitute.com/.