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Dr. Ketan Kapadia: The Drive to Make a Difference in Urology

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dr. Ketan Kapadia is a board-certified urologist at the Advanced Urology Institute in St Petersburg, FL.
  2. He found his calling in urology because of his passion to help people and the satisfaction he gets from seeing his patients get better.
  3. The Advanced Urology Institute provides unparalleled care in urological conditions and is dedicated to making a difference in their patient’s lives.

When you hear the words “urologist, St Petersburg, FL,” it’s not unlikely that the name Dr. Ketan Kapadia comes to mind. And for good reason. This board-certified urologist, a part of the Advanced Urology Institute, brings a unique blend of deep medical knowledge, an intrinsic propensity to help people, and a spark of inherent interest that consistently drives him to make a difference in the field of urology.

The Early Beginnings

Growing up as a bright Indian kid, the path of medicine was almost a predetermined choice for Kapadia. But even within the vast and varied field of medical practice, his fascination drastically veered towards urology. He recalls, “When I was young and smart, going into medicine was the norm. But I ended up in urology mostly because we can help people, we can help people get better.”

Discovering the Joy in Helping Others

With urology offering the opportunity to tackle conditions that limit, hinder and disrupt people’s lives, Kapadia found his calling. To be able to take someone’s pain or discomfort and replace it with relief, this was the satisfaction he derived, and this was the source of his drive.

“We really can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Kidney stones, we can get them out. Cancer, we can get rid of it for a lot of urology cancers. Prostate problems, we can make it better. So that was, that really is a source of satisfaction,” says Kapadia, his voice exuding the kind of passion that can only come from a deep-seated love for one’s profession.

The Path of Urology: A Natural Choice

His choice of specialization wasn’t just guided by a sense of purpose. A serendipitous interaction with a famed doctor and professor, Dr. Hinman, planted the initial seeds of interest in urology. Kapadia fondly remembers, “I remember when, you don’t get a lot of urology exposure as a medical student, since it’s a very specialized field, but Dr. Hinman… he started putting up films and asking questions and I could answer all the questions. It just came naturally and everything made sense to me.”

Making a Difference with the Advanced Urology Institute

Having served as a stalwart in the field of urology for many years, Dr. Ketan Kapadia now brings his expertise to the Advanced Urology Institute, the largest urology practice in Florida. This is an institute with a clear goal: to better the lives of their patients by providing unparalleled care in urological conditions.

With urologists like Dr. Kapadia, whose relentless drive ensures they’re constantly striving to make a difference, the Advanced Urology Institute continues to redefine what it means to provide excellent urological care. If you need a urologist in St Petersburg, FL who brings a combination of passion, proficiency and personal care to the table, Dr. Kapadia and the team at Advanced Urology Institute are waiting to welcome you.


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