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Samuel Lawindy, MD: Why Choose Advanced Urology Institute

Key Takeaways:

  1. Advanced Urology Institute is a close-knit family of urologists and staff who are committed to providing the highest quality of care.
  2. Patients feel a sense of peace in knowing they are in professional hands that care.
  3. Advanced Urology Institute embodies a culture of mutual support and professionalism, leading to a positive patient experience.

Experiencing the Family at Advanced Urology Institute

Imagine the comfort that comes with knowing your healthcare provider isn’t just a group of unrelated professionals, but a close-knit family. This is precisely what you find when you choose to entrust your care to the team of urologists at Advanced Urology Institute (AUI). Samuel Lawindy, MD, one of AUI’s board-certified urologists, affirms, “Everyone here is helping each other out, and it really felt like a family.”

The collaboration extends beyond the doctors themselves to the staff members who are described as “wonderful” and “very supportive of the physicians.” Within their walls, they embody the essence of a unified front, working towards ensuring their patients receive the best urologic care.

A Culture of Mutual Support and Professionalism

When Dr. Lawindy first joined AUI, he was instantly amazed by the level of teamwork within the diverse group of urologists and staff. This was best exemplified at the office Christmas party, where he saw first-hand how everyone was “helping each other out.” He noted that nurses assist each other with tasks such as lab draws and catheter placements, a culture he saw as indicative of the strong camaraderie within the group.

To add to his initial impression, Dr. Lawindy identified a sense of togetherness and mutual support within the practice. After being with AUI for six months, Lawindy was moved to express in a speech that he felt “everyone here was helping each other out, and it really felt like a family.”

A Positive Patient Experience

When it comes to patient care, the compassionate culture within AUI does not go unnoticed. Emanating from the urologists and staff, patients feel a sense of peace in knowing they are in professional hands, and importantly, hands that care. While no one looks forward to visiting a healthcare facility, patients have found their time at AUI to be a positive experience.

The unique culture of AUI isn’t just something to mention; it’s something to experience. Dr. Lawindy remarks, patients “will recognize that, and they’ll enjoy their time here as much as they can.”

Choosing Advanced Urology Institute in Daytona Beach, FL and Port Orange, FL

When making the critical choice of a healthcare provider, you should consider more than just the reputation of the doctors. You should look at the overall culture of the organization and how that culture impacts patient care. At Advanced Urology Institute, the largest urology practice in Florida, you will find a close-knit family of urologists and staff committed to delivering the highest quality of care, tailored specifically to address your needs.

Proper healthcare is more than just about the medical procedures; it’s about feeling understood, respected, and cared for. As a large yet close-knit family of urologists in Daytona Beach, FL, and Port Orange, FL, AUI is well-equipped to provide the level of care you deserve. Choose AUI, where compassionate care is not just a service, but a culture.


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So my name is Samuel Lawindy. I’m a board certified urologist at Advanced Urology Institute. Well, Advanced Urology Institute is a great place to work. I think it’s probably a great place to be a patient as well, but the staff here is wonderful. They’re very supportive of the physicians of each other. Initially, when I first started here, we went to a Christmas party for that, and I was here for about six months, and I did a speech that I felt that everyone here was helping each other out, and it really felt like a family, like close-knit family.

Nurses would help each other out for certain lab draws and catheters, and I really enjoy that, and I really think that’s a very strong point that urology has, or Advanced Urology Institute has, and I think it’s something to mention, something to keep worth, and I think patients come here, they’ll recognize that, and they’ll enjoy their, as much as they can, their time here.

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