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Satisfactions of Being a Urologist – Dr. Scott B. Sellinger

When the term urology is mentioned, what comes to mind for many people is urine. But urology is a really huge medical field. It covers the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of conditions affecting the female and male urinary tract and upsetting the male reproductive system. It is a dedicated medical field with highly trained and skilled specialist doctors called urologists.

“Urology is a massive field,” affirms Dr. Scott B. Sellinger of Advanced Urology Institute. “It is incredible the many problems we deal with. And when you have operated and developed worthwhile relationships with your patients, you go home every day feeling satisfied with your work. It is a truly exciting specialty.”

Problems resolved by urologists

Urology covers a broad spectrum of medical disorders affecting the ureters, kidneys, bladder, prostate, urethra, testis, epididymis, scrotum, penis and seminal vesicle. The most common conditions that urologists see are ejaculation problems, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, cryptorchidism (undescended testes), vasectomy, vesicoureteral reflux, urinary tract infections and cancers of the kidneys, prostate, penis, testicles and bladder.

“As a urologist at Advanced Urology Institute, it is nice to come to work each day and look forward to fixing a female or male problem,” says Sellinger. “Urology is very unique because you work with the patients throughout the treatment cycle, right from diagnosis, treatment and recovery, so you get great satisfaction from seeing people recover and get on with their lives.”.

“While some specialists only diagnose but not treat the conditions and others just treat but are not involved in the entire disease management cycle, urologists are in the thick of it,” Sellinger explains. “I believe urology is the best-crafted medical field because you see everything as it occurs. It is gratifying.”

A hands-on field

“I love urology because I am a hands-on person,” says Sellinger. “In this field you physically do something and then see the results. I draw a lot of satisfaction from this.”

He adds, “The results are generally great in urology. In fact, many people with serious urological problems such as bladder and kidney cancers achieve great outcomes after our interventions.”

The work is very rewarding for the urologist too. “When you operate on people and they recover from their disorders and get on with life, it is fulfilling,” Sellinger notes. “I really feel happy about improving the quality of other people’s lives and relieving their pain.”

Personalized attention

In urology, each patient has different needs. It calls for a personalized approach to every patient. The urologist must take into account the factors presented by each patient, break down the needs and concerns, and then modify the consultations, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up interventions to meet the unique needs of the individual.

“The entire process of tackling urological problems is both challenging and thrilling,” says Sellinger. “Each case is unique and every patient requires a listening ear. So when you deal with a patient warmly and candidly, formulate effective treatment plans and then see positive results, the entire process brings indescribable joy, peace and satisfaction to the urologist.”.

Urologists also spend their time educating patients and the general public on preventive measures for various urological problems. For instance, they speak with men on when to go for screening for prostate cancer, alleviate fears about the risk factors and advise those diagnosed with the cancer on how to live positively with it.

“As urologists, we help relieve pain and distress and improve the quality of lives of men and women plagued by urological problems,” he explains. “We educate people on how to prevent some of these problems, encourage them to seek help early enough and administer treatments to help them recover. Many times, the results are great and satisfying.”

At Advanced Urology Institute, there is a big pool of experienced, caring and skilled urologists to help diagnose, treat and manage your urological problem. If you are experiencing any symptoms of a urological disorder, just visit the institute and have your problem fixed. For more information, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute’” site.

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