How Did Nicole Szell Become a Urologist?


  • Dr. Nicole Szell’s journey to becoming a urologist was driven by her passion for women’s health and her educational background in biology, chemistry, and osteopathic medicine.
  • Urology as a profession is intellectually challenging and rewarding, allowing practitioners to build trust-based relationships with patients and improve their quality of life.
  • Advanced Urology Institute is an ideal place for urologists like Dr. Szell to practice, as it offers a supportive environment with skilled professionals and a patient-centered approach to care.

To be able to dedicate your life to preventing, detecting and intervening in painful and embarrassing situations is an attractive and gratifying undertaking. It may not be for everyone, but for those of us in this profession it just brings incredible joy. As a urologist, you are able to direct your energy and enthusiasm to helping people. You are allowed into the lives of people facing painful conditions and are trusted to inject hope and bring back the joy to living. And as you are diagnosing, treating and educating patients, you make long-term connections and enjoy the thrill of being able to make other people well and happy again. It is a wonderful experience.

My Journey to Urology

Women’s health interested me from a very young age, driving me into many years of service as a volunteer and researcher in various women’s health programs and organizations. So when I went to college, my mind was already made up. I just wanted to pursue female urology and pelvic floor medicine. Being a native of the Midwest and Cleveland, Ohio, I went to Radford University in Radford for my bachelor of science in biology and chemistry. Upon graduation, I joined the College of Osteopathic Medicine, East Lansing, MI, for my medical school degree. Then I went to St. John’s Providence Health System, Detroit, for my urology residency program. I specialized in voiding dysfunction, pelvic floor disorders, sexual dysfunction, urologic reconstruction and pelvic organ prolapse, though I also handle general urology disorders such as kidney stones and bladder cancer.

Job Satisfaction

Urology is a field that challenges the intellect daily. It also inculcates the capacity to develop relationships based on trust. But most importantly, it offers the opportunity to solve women’s health problems, something I have been committed to since I was a young girl. As a urologist, I am able to engage with women in different situations and suffering from various conditions. It is a great privilege to listen to them, help them relax and find hope even in the face of a devastating diagnosis. I love my job because each day offers the chance to relieve discomfort, solve embarrassing conditions and improve the quality of life.

Why Advanced Urology Institute

Advanced Urology Institute is a great place to practice. I call it the urologist’s paradise. You are surrounded by passionate, skilled and talented professionals who are dedicated to a greater purpose. Each member of the pool has an unwavering drive to deliver the best possible care. As a team, we collaborate a lot when handling our patients. Since all administrative work has been centralized, we are left to focus on how to address the issues of our patients. So when patients come, they find us energetic and enthusiastic to serve them. And with our multidisciplinary, compassionate and patient-friendly approach, every patient can be sure of the best possible care. Want to know more about our services? Visit the “Advanced Urology Institute” site.


Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Szell. I’m a board certified urologist with Advanced Urology Institute.

I grew up in Cleveland. I am an only child. I moved to Michigan. I did my training at Michigan State for medical school. I did my residency in Detroit, Michigan, and then I went down to Miami for my fellowship in female pelvic medicine and urethral reconstruction. I also did specialized training in chronic pelvic pain, which was in Detroit, and I also did specialized training in female sexual function and dysfunction in San Diego, California, before coming here.