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Howard Epstein, MD: Exploring Vasectomy

3 Key Takeaways:

  • A vasectomy is a permanent decision and should be understood in terms of its full implications.
  • Comfort should be the top priority when considering a vasectomy and individual needs should be catered to.
  • Choosing the right urologist is essential for a successful vasectomy experience and the Advanced Urology Institute offers a team of professionals and support to guide you through the process.

Howard Epstein, MD: Exploring VasectomyWhen you’re sitting in the office of a urologist in St. Augustine, FL, it’s a conversation you probably never expected to have. But, there you are, speaking frankly about one of the most personal decisions you could make — a vasectomy. You’re being guided by a seasoned professional, someone like Howard Epstein, MD. He’s not just a doctor; he’s a compassionate guide into a world few like to talk about, yet one that affects so many.

Understanding Vasectomy

“In my mind,” says Dr. Epstein, “you’re obviously not thinking about reversing it.” This is the first thing he makes clear during the consultation – a vasectomy should be seen as a permanent decision. He also addresses the odd patient who might want a reversal after five years, firmly stating that he won’t cater to such requests. He reiterates that understanding the full implications of a vasectomy is crucial.

The Procedure: A Personalized Approach

Comfort is central to Dr. Epstein’s approach. He doesn’t just want to get it done, he wants to ensure the process is as comfortable as it can be for you. “I like to do it with some anesthesia,” he shares. “I also try to treat patients the way I want to be treated.” His method isn’t typical. While many urologists opt to perform the procedure locally in the office, Dr. Epstein prefers working with an anesthesiologist to offer deeper sedation. He acknowledges the benefits of both methods, but he believes in catering to individual needs and potential anxieties about the procedure.

After the Procedure: What to Expect

For a firsthand account of what the post-operative experience is like, consider the words of Chad Bryan, PA-C. After his procedure, Bryan recounts, “14 minutes out the door, ice pack, had the wife. I did take a Valium prior, I would recommend that to ease the nerves.” He praises the simplicity of the recovery, noting that he was back at work on Monday after a weekend of relaxation.

Advanced Urology Institute

At the end of the day, choosing the right place for your vasectomy comes down to trust. You have to believe in the expertise of your urologist, but also in the support and compassion they offer during your journey. All of this, and more, can be found within the welcoming doors of the Advanced Urology Institute.

As the largest urology practice in Florida, the institute boasts an exceptional team of professionals ready to help guide you through this personal decision. They have the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to put you at ease. Choose the Advanced Urology Institute, and you’re choosing more than just a urologist in St. Augustine, FL. You’re choosing a partner, an ally, in your journey. And that, in itself, can make a world of difference.



Howard Epstein, MD:
Basically, I go over all that with them and tell them that if you’re going to do it, we also have to go over the chances of reversing it. But if you’re going to do it, in my mind, you’re obviously not thinking about reversing it. 
Every once in a while, I’ll have an individual that comes in, I just want to have it for five years and then reverse it, and I won’t do that. But bottom line is, if they want to have it and they understand the consequences, no problem. Yeah, well, I like to do it with some anesthesia. What I mean by that is, it can be done either local in the office, which a lot of urologists do, and that’s fine. 
I like to do it, actually, with an anesthesiologist, so they can give them some more medicine to sedate them, because everyone’s different, you never know how easy or hard it’s going to be, depending on the thickness of the skin, things like that. And I also try to treat patients the way I want to be treated. You’re putting me out. But there’s nothing wrong with having it done at a local. 
Chad Bryan, PA-C:
Dr. Ross, he’s been retired now for a couple years, year and a half, and literally, I think I watched the clock, 14 minutes, 14 minutes out the door, ice pack, had the wife, I did take a Valium prior, I would recommend that to ease the nerves. Wife drives you home because you can’t drive with any type of influence, and then just took it easy all weekend, back to work on Monday.
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