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What is National Men’s Health Month and why is it important for men’s health?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Men face an increase in chronic illnesses and mental health issues, with a lower average life expectancy than women.
  2. Men’s health can be improved by adopting healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, and regular check-ups with a doctor.
  3. There are resources available to men, such as hotlines, support organizations, and online forums and support groups, to help them take control of their health.

Every June is a special time for men’s health. National Men’s Health Month (NMHM) is an annual observance to bring awareness to the overall health and well-being of men. The purpose of NMHM is to raise awareness and encourage preventive health care by providing public health education and services to reduce premature deaths and illnesses in men and boys.

Health Issues Facing Men

Men today face an increase in chronic illnesses and mental health issues, as well as outdated stigmas regarding male health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that men in the United States have an overall lower lifespan than their female counterparts, with an average life expectancy of 76.1 years, compared to 81.1 years for women. Additionally, the American Psychological Association notes that men are more likely to report feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed due to the stresses of modern life. This can lead to an increase in physical and mental issues, such as high blood pressure and depression.

Tips for Men’s Health

Many of the health issues facing men can be improved through lifestyle changes, such as adopting healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, and seeking regular medical care. Eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins is a great way to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function properly. This is especially important for men who are at risk for chronic illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes. Additionally, engaging in regular physical activity is essential for maintaining good health, as exercise has been linked to increased energy, improved mental clarity, and decreased risk of chronic illnesses. Finally, regular check-ups with a doctor are important in keeping track of your overall health, as they can monitor your blood pressure and other vital signs over time.

Resources for Men’s Health

Finding a doctor that you feel comfortable with is the first step in taking your health successfully into your own hands. After finding a comprehensive doctor, there are many other resources to help promote a healthier lifestyle. One of the most important resources is the National Hotlines and Support Organizations, which provide support and information on a wide range of medical and mental health topics. Additionally, there are many online forums and support groups that men can join to connect with other individuals who have similar experiences or interests. 


National Men’s Health Month is an important time for men to become educated on their overall health and wellbeing. By being mindful of the health issues facing men, implementing healthy habits into daily life, and utilizing resources to address any health related concerns, men can take control of their health and reduce their risks for chronic illnesses. Advanced Urology Institute is the largest urology practice in Florida, and is dedicated to helping patients in the prevention, detection, and management of men’s health conditions. They specialize in the latest treatments for men’s urologic health, and offer a comprehensive array of services to ensure the best care and treatment.


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