Testosterone TherapyTestosterone and related male hormones (called androgens) cause prostate cancer to grow. Therefore, one important tool used at Advanced Urology Institute is hormone therapy. This stops the body’s production of androgens and slows the growth of prostate cancer.

Hormone therapy does not kill cancer cells; it inhibits their spread. As such, this treatment is used to slow the cancer’s progression while supporting the patient’s quality of life. Candidates include those whose prostate cancer has migrated elsewhere in the body—and for whom stopping the spread is the highest priority—or for individuals ineligible for other treatments. Patients can also receive hormonal therapy as a supplement to surgery, radiation therapy or other types of care.

Modern hormone therapy most typically takes the form of prescribed medication. A variety of drugs are available, and your Advanced Urology Institute physician will discuss the benefits and potential side effects of each as you develop a custom course of care together.