Dr Richard Roach – Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Surgery is uncommonly done for patients age 70 and over, as the gain in benefit does not counterbalance the increased risk. The operation is usually done through a lower abdominal incision, although some surgeons prefer the perineal approach, where the incision is made between the scrotum and rectum. [Read Full Article…]

Penile Prosthesis – Very High Satisfaction Rate

Video: Low Testosterone – Urologists Treat The Whole Patient

This procedure has a success rate of about 90%-95% five years after insertion. Most men rate the erection as shorter than their natural one. A penile prosthesis does not change the sensation on the skin of the penis or the ability to reach orgasm or ejaculate. Contact a urologist who knows this procedure. [Read Full Article…]

Low Testosterone – Urologists Treat The Whole Patient

Video: Low Testosterone – Urologists Treat The Whole Patient

Having low testosterone does not have to be an issue in your life; testosterone replacement therapy can help you regain your overall health. Before starting any medications, it is advised that you talk to your doctor. [Read Full Article…]

Becoming a Doctor – Realizing That I Wanted To Be A Urologist

Dr. Richard Roach became a board certified urologist on 1989. His specialties include plasma vaporization for BPH, treatment of female stress incontinence and penile prosthesis for ED. [Read Full Article…]