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David Harris, MD: Assessing Prostate Cancer Risk with Genomic Testing

Key Takeaways:

  1. Genomic testing can be used to predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and inform treatment decisions.
  2. Genomic testing can be used to predict the potential outcome of future biopsies in cases of concern.
  3. The Advanced Urology Institute is a leader in utilizing genomic testing to manage prostate cancer risk.

Taking Control of Prostate Cancer Risk

In today’s era of evolving healthcare technology, it’s more important than ever to be proactive in assessing the risks of serious health conditions such as prostate cancer. One urologist steadfastly leading the charge in this formidable task is Dr. David Harris, of the Advanced Urology Institute in Fort Myers, Florida.

“We’re better managing risk,” says Harris, who is a board-certified urologist. “If I have a patient who’s been found to have prostate cancer, we have several tests available…we’re doing genomic testing. And with those tests, we’re able to predict the aggressiveness of the cancer.”

Using Genomic Testing to Predict Cancer Severity

The real power of genomic testing lies in its ability to predict the aggressiveness of the cancer, allowing physicians and their patients to make more informed decisions about if and when to begin treatment. The choice to monitor and manage prostate cancer rather than pursuing aggressive treatment can be a viable one, particularly for older men with low-risk cancers.

Harris explained, “So if we’re having a man who’s getting a bit older, and he has some medical problems, and we find that it is a low-risk cancer, we would be much more comfortable just following that patient.”

Applying Genomic Testing to Intermediate-Risk Cancers

When prostate cancer is deemed to be of intermediate risk, the decision-making process can be more complex. However, Harris asserts that genomic testing can provide vital insights in these instances, leading to more effective treatment strategies.

“If we get a patient where it is more an intermediate-risk cancer, and we’re not quite sure how aggressive to be with treatment, if we get the genomic testing and it indicates that that’s a guy with a more aggressive cancer, then we may keep him on the right track and make sure that we’re treating that actively rather than perhaps just watching,” says Harris.

Predicting Future Biopsy Outcomes Through Genomic Testing

In addition to determining the severity of prostate cancer, genomic testing can also help predict the potential outcome of future biopsies in cases where initial biopsy results are negative, but there is lingering concern about the possibility of cancer.

“We also have genomic testing we can do if a biopsy is negative, but we’re still concerned we can send negative biopsy tissue, which can give us a prediction if another biopsy would be positive,” Harris continues. “So it is very much helping us identify risk.”

Advanced Urology Institute - Leading the Way in Prostate Cancer Management

The Advanced Urology Institute, the largest urology practice in Florida, is proud to have urologist Dr. David Harris among its ranks. His commitment to utilizing genomic testing as a key factor in managing prostate cancer is testament to the Institute’s dedication to providing the most advanced and comprehensive care possible to its patients. Whether you’re in Fort Myers, FL, or one of their many other locations, you can trust the team at the Advanced Urology Institute to keep you on the right track when it comes to managing your prostate cancer risk.


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