Why did Dr. Evan Fynes choose urology?


  • Dr. Evan Fynes, a urologist in Port Orange, FL, chose urology as his specialty due to the diversity of cases and the daily challenges it offers.
  • Patient interaction is one of Dr. Fynes’ favorite aspects of his work, as it allows him to build relationships and better understand his patients’ needs.
  • Dr. Fynes finds great fulfillment and reward in helping patients overcome their urological problems and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Evan Fynes, a urologist in Port Orange, FL, has a passion for his work and a deep appreciation for the variety and patient interaction that comes with practicing urology. In this article, we will explore the factors that led Dr. Fynes to choose urology as his specialty and how his work positively impacts patients’ lives.

The Path to Urology

Dr. Fynes grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and completed his undergraduate and medical education, as well as his six-year urologic residency, at the University of Toledo. Early on in his training, Dr. Fynes was encouraged by a friend who was a urology resident to explore the field of urology. He quickly found that he enjoyed the diversity of cases and the daily challenges that came with the specialty. From kidney stones and enlarged prostates to kidney cancer, every day brought something different to his work.

Patient Interaction

One of the aspects of urology that Dr. Fynes particularly enjoys is the patient interaction. He values the opportunity to develop relationships with his patients, often bonding over shared interests, such as football. This rapport allows him to better understand his patients’ concerns and provide tailored treatment plans to address their specific needs.

Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Dr. Fynes finds great fulfillment and reward in helping patients overcome their urological problems. Whether it’s removing a kidney stone or vaporizing prostate tissue to enable a patient to urinate without a catheter, he takes pride in the positive impact his work has on patients’ lives. Their gratitude and satisfaction make his efforts worthwhile and further solidify his passion for the field of urology.

Advanced Urology Institute

Dr. Evan Fynes is a part of the Advanced Urology Institute, the largest urology practice in Florida. The institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for their patients through the use of state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based treatment approaches. By choosing the Advanced Urology Institute for your urological needs, you can trust that you are receiving the best possible care from highly skilled and experienced professionals.


I never met an unhappy urologist. They all seemed to really like what they did for a
living and were really enthusiastic about their job.
Hello, Dr. Evan Fynes. I’m a urologist with Advanced Urology Institute. I’ve been down
here in Florida about 15 months now. I came down from the great state of Ohio. I grew
up in northwest Ohio, Toledo, Ohio. I went to school at the, basically did all my training
in Toledo. Went to undergrad, med school, and then did a six-year urologic residency
at the University of Toledo. Urology really caught my interest early on in my training.
I had actually a good friend that was a urology resident, and he told me to kind of check
out urology. And so when I really looked into it, I mean, I really liked the diversity of
the cases. Every day you’re doing something different, whether it’s kidney stones, somebody
with a large prostate, to taking out or removing kidneys because of kidney cancer. You never
knew what you were going to do that day. It was a wide variety.
One of the favorite things I like about my work is just patient interaction. A lot of
times when I initially talk about a patient, they’ll walk in with a Pittsburgh Steelers
hat on, and the first 10 minutes of my conversation is talking about football. And so I really
enjoyed the patient interaction of getting to know somebody, developing that relationship
with somebody, and then trying to help them with their problem. From that, when you get
to help them with their problem and basically correct their situation, whether it’s removing
a kidney stone or they have a catheter in and you take away their, you know, vaporize
their prostate tissue and they’re able to pee on their own, they’re very satisfied with
having that catheter out. It does give you a sense of fulfillment and reward that
you’ve helped somebody, and they’re usually very grateful.


It’s Normal to Be Nervous at the Doctor’s Office

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What Inspired Dr. Saumil Karavadia to Pursue a Medical Career?


  • Dr. Saumil Karavadia’s early exposure to medicine through his father’s clinic inspired him to pursue a career in the field.
  • A strong educational and training background at the University of Missouri Columbia and UT Southwestern Parkland Medical Center laid the foundation for Dr. Karavadia’s successful career in urology.
  • Dr. Karavadia’s passion for urology stems from its unique combination of medicine and surgery, which allows for a comprehensive approach to patient care.


Dr. Saumil Karavadia, a prominent urologist in Ocala, FL, has dedicated his life to the field of medicine. In a recent interview, Dr. Karavadia shared his journey into the world of urology, detailing the experiences that inspired him to pursue a medical career. This article takes a closer look at Dr. Karavadia’s motivations, educational background, and his passion for urology.

Early Exposure to Medicine: Family Influence

Growing up, Dr. Saumil Karavadia, MD, spent a significant amount of time at his father’s clinic after school. This early exposure to the medical profession allowed him to observe his father’s interactions with patients and witness the satisfaction that comes from helping others. This firsthand experience ignited Dr. Karavadia’s passion for medicine and inspired him to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Education and Training: Building a Foundation for Success

Dr. Karavadia pursued his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Missouri Columbia. He then went on to complete his residency at the UT Southwestern Parkland Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Karavadia acknowledges that medical school was challenging, with demanding courses such as anatomy and clinical sciences.

During his residency at UT Southwestern Parkland Medical Center, Dr. Karavadia gained invaluable experience treating patients in various situations, including emergency cases during late-night shifts. This exposure to a wide variety of diseases allowed him to refine his skills and build a strong foundation for his future career in urology.

Choosing Urology: A Unique Blend of Medicine and Surgery

For Dr. Karavadia, the appeal of urology lies in its unique combination of medicine and surgery. Unlike general surgery or internal medicine, urology allows practitioners to engage in both medical and surgical aspects of patient care. This interdisciplinary approach to treatment resonated with Dr. Karavadia and ultimately guided him to specialize in urology.

Advanced Urology Institute: A Commitment to Excellence

As a dedicated urologist at the Advanced Urology Institute, the largest urology practice in Florida, Dr. Saumil Karavadia continues to provide exceptional care for his patients. The institute’s commitment to excellence aligns with Dr. Karavadia’s passion for medicine and urology, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care possible.


My name is Saumil Karavadia, I’m with Advanced Urology Specialists.
I went to my dad’s clinic when I was young after school because they would be working and so I did have a lot of exposure in that aspect as well. I was able to see him treat patients and saw the satisfaction that he got from treating
patients and that was one of the best qualities of being a doctor.

I grew up in Missouri and I did my undergraduate as well as medical school at the University of Missouri Columbia. Then I went to training in Dallas, UT Southwestern Parkland Medical Center. Medical school is always tough. You have cadaver labs, you’re learning anatomy, you’re learning clinical sciences and it certainly was one of the tougher things, you know, studying. And then doing residency at Dallas, UT Southwestern Parkland Medical Center.

They have a big campus and certainly getting the experience there, you know, seeing patients come in in the middle of the night, you know, taking care of them in the middle of the night, you know, being busy and, you know, gave me a lot of experience and getting a lot of exposure
to a wide variety of diseases and so that certainly helped quite a lot in getting my feet wet.

Urology is a combination of medicine and surgery and, you know, compared to general surgery where you just do surgery and compared to medicine where you just do medicine, this is a combination of medicine and surgery and so it sort of, you know, was a one step in that direction where you can do a little bit of both.