Female Pain During Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse shouldn’t be painful. But for some women, it is.
For some, there may be pain during sexual entry or thrusting. For others, there is a burning, aching, or throbbing pain with every penetration, even pain that lasts several hours after intercourse.

What could be the reason for this?

Pain can be experienced before, during, or after vaginal sexual intercourse. Also called dyspareunia, painful intercourse occurs at the top of the vagina and intensifies with thrusting. It is characterized by a tearing, burning, or aching sensation.

Painful Intercourse The condition can happen at any age. It tends to occur in women who are still young, but you may also have the condition during or after menopause due to decreased elasticity of the vaginal walls, narrowing of the vaginal opening, or increased vaginal dryness. You may also experience painful intercourse after surgical menopause — the surgical removal of ovaries.

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