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Penile Implants for Erection Problems

You are finding it difficult to have an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse. So you make an appointment to see a urologist. The urologist will take your medical history, do a physical exam and run a few tests to establish the underlying cause. And from the results of the evaluations, the urologist will be able to determine the right treatment for your problem. The treatment may involve taking medications, penile injections, vacuum erection devices, penile implant or reconstructive surgery.

Why should you see a specialist in penile implants?

As you visit a urologist to help resolve your erectile dysfunction, you also should consider seeing one with specialization in penile implants. Why? Because in some cases erectile dysfunction is not effectively resolved through medications, vacuum erection devices or penile injections and you may need a penile implant. Also patients treated with penile implants are significantly more satisfied with their treatment than those treated with erectile dysfunction medication or other options. There is 98 percent satisfaction with penile implants, while 95 percent of partners would recommend it to someone else.

While penile implants are usually a third line of treatment for ED and is often reserved for severe cases of the condition, it is a good first option for men who don’t want to take medication, those who can’t take ED medications due to contraindication, and for those for whom treatments such as injections and vacuum devices aren’t ideal for their lifestyle.

However, not all urologists perform the procedure and some doctors may not even offer it as a treatment option. If that is determined to be the best option for your ED, then you may need to find a urologist with experience doing penile implants.

What is a penile implant?

A penile implant (also called penile prosthesis) is a mechanical device inserted in the body and allows fluid to be pumped into the penis. Currently the most effective and most popular penile implant is the three-piece inflatable device — a self-contained, fluid-filled system comprising of a reservoir inserted in the abdomen, two cylinders located in the penis and a pump situated in the scrotum.

Designed to mimic both the appearance and functionality of a naturally erect penis, a penile implant is custom-fitted to the body during an outpatient procedure that lasts one hour and thereafter is used to achieve an adequate erection for sexual intercourse. The penile implant mimics the normal penis to the extent that if a man doesn’t tell his girlfriend or wife about it, she is unlikely to know that he has it. The recovery period after penile implant surgery is 4-6 weeks and a man can begin to enjoy sex fully after recovery.

How does a penile implant work?

You simply squeeze and release the pump implanted in your scrotum to have the fluid move into the cylinders located in the penis. The movement of fluid into the cylinders helps you to achieve an erection. To deflate the device, you press the deactivation button found on the pump and the fluid will move back. When inflated, the three-piece inflatable implant acts and feels like a natural erection. But it still feels quite natural and comfortable when flaccid. Likewise, your sensitivity and ability to ejaculate is not diminished by the implant.

How long does a penile implant last?

Penile implants last for a long time. In a majority of men, it lasts for more than 5 years after it has been implanted. Actually, in 70 percent of men, penile implants remain functional and working for up to 10 years after implantation, although some patients retain working implants for up to 20 years after implantation. So the need to replace penile implants primarily depends on the age of the patient. If you are slightly older than 18 at implantation, you are certainly going to replace it a couple of times. But if you get the implant when your are 60-70 years old, you may only need one replacement.

At Advanced Urology Institute, we are proud of our track record in managing erectile dysfunction, particularly with the results we have achieved with prosthetic and reconstructive procedures. We perform several penile implant procedures annually and have managed to continually get excellent results. We perform the procedure using small incisions and end up with cosmetically remarkable implants with complete concealment of the components of the device.

We have performed the inflatable penile prosthesis so routinely that we have perfected our skills in it and can always guarantee the best possible outcomes for all our patients. For additional information on penile prosthesis and other treatment options for ED, visit the “Advanced Urology Institute” site.

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