What Are the Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment?

My name is Rishi Modh, I’m a board certified urologist with Advanced Urology Institute. 

So quality of life after prostate cancer can be a big problem for guys. We do a great job of treating the cancer but sometimes we’re left with side effects. Those side effects often include urinary incontinence for guys or erectile dysfunction. Thankfully now we have great solutions for those problems too. One of the best options we have for guys is penile implants. A penile implant is a device that is an hour long surgery with a small incision done as an outpatient where you go home the same day. This provides lasting great erectile function for men, it really restores your quality of life. 

Penile Implants for Erection Problems – Dr. Rishi Modh

My name is Rishi Modh, I am a board-certified urologist with Advanced Urology Institute.

So I think when you go see a urologist about erectile dysfunction, you need to see a urologist who specializes in implants as well. Not all urologists perform penile implants so they may not even offer it as an option for you. A penile implant is an outpatient procedure with a small incision and a fast recovery. It’s a mechanical device that’s placed inside your body that allows you to pump fluid into the penis in order to give you a great erection. Ninety-five percent (95%) of men are extremely happy with their penile implant and ninety-five percent (95) of partners would recommend it to someone else to have a surgery done.

Getting to Know Dr. Dinesh S. Rao: A Key Urologist at Advanced Urology Institute


  • Dr. Dinesh S. Rao, MD, is a skilled urologist in Ocala, FL, who is part of the Advanced Urology Institute.
  • Dr. Rao’s passion for surgery and interest in treating prostate cancer led him to pursue a career in urology.
  • With a strong educational background from Duke University, Dr. Rao is dedicated to providing exceptional care and innovative treatment options for patients with urological conditions.

Introduction to Dr. Dinesh S. Rao

Dinesh S. Rao, MD, is a highly skilled urologist in Ocala, FL, who is part of the renowned Advanced Urology Institute. With a passion for surgery and an interest in treating prostate cancer, Dr. Rao has dedicated his career to providing exceptional care and innovative treatment options for patients with urological conditions.

Finding His Passion for Urology

During medical school, Dr. Rao knew he wanted to pursue a surgical career. His interest in various types of surgery led him to explore urology, specifically the treatment of prostate cancer. As he spent more time with other urologists, Dr. Rao’s passion for the field grew, and he became increasingly interested in learning about surgery for prostate removal.

Education and Training at Duke University

Dr. Rao attended Duke University for his medical education, where he was exposed to a prestigious urology program. Duke’s urology program offered a wide range of prostate cancer treatments, further fueling Dr. Rao’s interest in the field. His experience at Duke eventually led him to stay at the university to complete his urology training.

Advanced Urology Institute: A Center of Excellence

The Advanced Urology Institute is the largest urology practice in Florida, and its team of skilled professionals, including Dr. Dinesh S. Rao, is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients with urological conditions. With a focus on innovative treatment options and a commitment to patient-centered care, the Advanced Urology Institute has become a leader in the field of urology.


Hi, my name is Dr. Dinesh Rao.

I’m a urologist with Advanced Urology Institute. In medical school, I know I wanted to do surgery. I’ve always liked working with my hands, and I was very interested in different types of surgery. The more time that I spent with the other urologists, the more interested I became in
treating prostate cancer. That was really the driving force for me to spend more time with the urology service.

I went to medical school at Duke University, and they have a very big urology program there, so we did a lot of different types of prostate cancer treatments, and I became very interested in learning more about surgery to remove the prostate. I think it was really my time with that service that led me to say, I’d like to learn more about this and learn more about urology, and actually that’s why I stayed there to do my urology training.